On the web I see the forums with many people talking about the difference between fantasy and science fiction. And apart from horror. They launch into Star Wars plot analysis to show that if something is not credible, or if the special effects “betray” themselves because of the era it would be fantasy. Credibility has nothing to do: the pact with the viewer is that we must believe. The difference is actually very clear: fantasy and fantasy are an invention separated from the world; science fiction is an invention that has links with our way. The difference is all here. In fantasy we could haveLeggi altro →

He tried a long time before imagining a trip to the moon before Kubrick and any spatial plan of the U.S.A., in 1902 the French George Melies with Trip to the Moon. Cinema was born in France. The first director to understand that after the scene of the train of the Lumière brothers the cinema had to go in the direction of the unusual because it was a new technique that created a parallel reality. Melies worked as an actor and illusionist and had the idea of ​​reproducing his illusions in virgin cinema, a new means of communication. He imagined crashing a rocket into theLeggi altro →