How to read Bob Dylan?

If the songs of Bob Dylan were read as a long epic novel like the Iliad, there is a translation worthy of the name, and in fact in Italy there is, divided the study of Alessandro Carrera in three volumes: ’69 – ‘ 82, ’61 -’68, ’83 -2012, described to Dylan’s career:

Here all the others:
But it is Dylan himself, who received the 2016 Nobel Prize, to have mentioned the Odyssey, Moby Dick and Shakepseare in his training books.

With the Homeric poems he shares the fact of being written to be sung in itinerant form in several nearby cities (in ancient Greece) or distant (in Dylan’s world tours now in the great globalized majority of today). In the first case the rapsodi did, in small his own activity.

In the speech (Chronicles) sent by Dylan in which he thanked for the Nobel Prize, he adds that Shakespeare is meant to be listened not to be read on the page, and just like him, one has never seen if seeing that he has found or can be managed literature. Which the Swedish Academy considered yes.

Dylan then withdrew the prize privately, renouncing the official ceremony to which he sent a speech having been engaged in other activities (he did not say which ones).
Everything is told well by Dylan himself in The Nobel Lecutre, written in Italy for Feltrinelli with the same title and with a note by Alessandro Carrera, the aforementioned scholar, the most important for Dylan in Italy.
Here the books cited:

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