Kubrick, genius of lunar frames

Stanley Kubrick, the famous American Jew, naturalized British, has taken care of filming the moon with special effects still absent on the computer and with exceptional lenses from NASA. Not for this reason he filmed the landing as the conspiracy theorists claim, but he filmed a unique science fiction movie that was 2001 A Space Odyssey. With the same lenses he filmed Barry London, set in the eighteenth century. There he filmed the moon live, here he nullifies the depth of field recalling the great eighteenth-century English painters like William Turner (let’s not forget that Kubrick had gone to live, for most of his life, in England).

Then there is the anti-militarist line of Orizzonti di Gloria, Il Dottor Stranamore and Full Metal Jacket, though in different eras and with different hot topics. He was not a moralizing but problematic director: his films do not give answers, but lead to the extreme consequences of the questions asked at the beginning of the film: is war good or bad? Is man good? Is man free? Does man choose good?

With Kubrick we must always problematize both visually and in terms of content: we are in an ongoing revolution and we do not know if that way of filming will continue or prevail over a more computerized entertainment cinema. Without prejudice to the fact that entertainment and cinematographic skills are not at odds if one thinks of Tarantino. Not all of Kubrick’s films were very popular, but in his way of making films he had skills to sell, perhaps the greatest filmmaker of all time.

Kubrick, already reader of Nietzsche, ‘discovers’ that man sometimes also wants evil and war is made up of murderers, this seems to lead to a judgment on man: but he denies himself with Clockwork Orange, where freedom is the important element: a wicked bandit is re-educated by the State and at that point he becomes unable to live because he no longer has the capacity to choose between good and evil.

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