Philosopher from the controversial biography, a friend of Felix Guattari, with whom he collaborated on many essays on cinema and philosophy. His Image-movement (Biblioteca Einaudi) is the first episode followed by Image-time, completing the editing idea already expressed by Carmelo Bene. The editing would be a damage because it increases the space-time illusion of a film parallel to the real one. Gille Deleuze in his two essays analyzes his favorite films, without forgetting that they are the favorite films of a great French philosopher born in 1925 and died in 1995. He defines cinema as the moving image, that is, many images presented in a reduced time to great speed that gives an impression of movement and space-time coherence: this was opposed together with Carmelo Bene in the joint essay Sovrapposizioni. Concretely (Carmelo Bene) directing and interpreting his films independently without subsequent editing or sound or photographic interventions, even physically treading the film to make his work unmediated.

This today makes the idea against the creeping idea of ​​videos for daily mobile consumption. This illusion of space-time coherence dies and at the same time dies (depending on your point of view) when, following influencers or youtubers throughout their lives. This claim to objectivity is only apparent as photography like video always reflects a part of reality. Hence the hot topics of the proliferation of fake news or video news that perhaps panic people (as in the best dystopian films the human race ends its existence due to a pandemic virus, in my opinion the most likely thing would be precisely the spread of a false news via video, given the claim of objectivity of the image culture).

For this reason, going back to the classics that made ‘cinema’ with the studio as a moving image: Kurosawa in Dreams and beautiful Blue Summer Raphsody, Pasolini in Accattone, Antonioni, all cited by Gille Deleuze in the essay. But not necessarily these, I would also get Tarantino (Gille would have agreed). The important thing is to study cinema for its apparent objectivity, to ‘discover the deception’ (the veil of Maya, to say it with Shopenauer), to increase the critical spirit, and perhaps return to Netflix (which does not demonize) reborn .
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