Cursed poets, les poète mauldit in some countries

The ‘maleddettismo’ (the cursed poets) founded by Edgar Allan Poe and his Revealing Heart will end up in the twentieth century in genre literature, both horror and fantasy. Poe is just an unusual narrator (outside of genre literature) and poet in his The Raven, and contemporary of the poet Rimbaud, a damn violent and always drunk, inserted by Harold Bloom in the western canon.

The vein in Italy finds its expression only in Dino Campana, composer of the Orphic songs, symbolic but perhaps overrated Italian curser. The fantastic from Dino Buzzati in the tales and in the Desert of the Tartars and from Italo Calvino at least in the Invisible Cities and in the Trilogy of the ancestors.

The real initiator of this strand is another French like Rimbault but who wrote more and experimented in different genres besides poetry: Charles Baudelaire: poems, poems, Intimate Diaries, but also two novels: the Fanfarlo, and the Spleen in Paris . The term, however, is not his own, later Verlaine will invent it by publishing his first book Les poète mauldit (The cursed poets) which collects his poems together with those of his friend Rimbault and Mallarmè.
The last of the cursed poets can only be the German-naturalized American Charles Bukowski, who never joined in that society.

This heterodox environment of French impressionist writers was very fertile to the point that it influenced the composer Claude Debussy, more than the contemporary musical environment.

To these with regard to the prose we must add Carmelo Bene and Luciano Bianciardi and also some other authors according to this book: (Diavolo in corpo. Damned lives)

More recently it is necessary to include among the poets also Alda Merini, the cursed Milanese poet, who spent a lot of time in the asylum, but has always tried to be a ‘different’, carrying on and emphasizing her diversity: here her book.
Here the collection of his complete poems (and some prose):

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